Let's Work Together To Raise Money For Your Cause

Why raise funds with us?
We believe one of the biggest blessings of our stores is that they give us the opportunity give back and help others. School groups, athletic groups, charity groups and events - we love to give back to the community as much as possible! Let us know how we can help you reach your goals!
We offer a combination of easy options for fundraising:
  • In-Store Fundraising: Participants of your fundraiser will come into the store at designated store times (generally a week) and let us know they are shopping for your cause and a code will be applied to track the purchase.
  • Online Fundraising (Contactless): Participants of your fundraiser will have a code associated with your fundraiser and will use it at check out while shopping online.
Donation pay-outs are 20% of your total sales.  $1,000 in sales would generate $200 for your organization! The more you share and advertise, the greater potential for profits.
How to Promote Your Event
To make the most money for your organization, you will want to promote, promote, promote it! Promotion doesn’t have to be as hard as you may think, and it can even be fun! Read how to promote your event below:


Plan a three part email series:

1. The first email is an announcement letting anyone on your mailing list know about your fundraiser to jumpstart excitement. Be sure to include the dates of the sale in this email as it serves as a “save the date” for your potential participants. Send this email up to 3 weeks ahead of your fundraiser.

2. The second email should be a reminder to keep the fundraiser fresh in your potential participants minds. Also, include more details about your fundraiser (the code to shop with, the website, and the dates etc.) and re-highlight the main goals of your fundraiser.

3. Lastly, the third email should be a “Last Chance” reminder to give anyone a nearby radio station. Also, posting signage around your town in popular areas (with permission) can be a good way to increase awareness at your local grocery store, gas station, gym, etc.

Contact us today by email at hometownhavenboutique@gmail.com to schedule a fundraiser for your group!