Three Products You Must Have to Keep Your Boutique (and any) Clothing Looking Fresh


Clothing Steamer

How do you get that “store fresh wrinkle-free look” in your outfit every

day? The #1 way is with a clothing steamer. Anyone who sells clothing will tell you: Ironing is SO out with the 1950’s and the steamer has replaced it for good.  Ironing not only takes a long time, but it can harm fabric easily with the direct heat, and is really just a pain to manipulate. 

Enter: the clothing steamer. Once you try it? You will never go back. I haven’t touched an iron in 5 years. Before that? I would intentionally purchase clothing that wouldn’t have to be ironed (imposing extreme limitations on my wardrobe - I have always loved that crisp-blouse look!)

A $15 handheld steamer is a great place to start. It will be able to steam a few days worth of outfits with one fill. At our house, we have a handheld for travel, a commercial steamer for the boutique AND a back-up commercial steamer for the boutique. Every item we sell is steamed for sanitation (have you ever seen a clothing factory?! Ew.) and wrinkle-free looking good purposes. For anyone who has ever loved a top, worn it once, and now it sits in your closet due to excessive wrinkling and your lack of desire to lug out the ironing board...let me know after the first time you use your steamer. I look forward to hearing your excitement about the effect and how you proceeded to do your entire closet. It’s bound to happen!

Fabric Shaver

As a former “big time reseller,” I can’t tell you how many cashmere $200 sweaters are out there in thrift stores that were donated because they “looked worn” by excessive pilling on sweaters. I would swoop those up, give them a shave and they would look like new and sell for $85 a piece. Please do not donate your clothing because of this, all you need is a fabric shaver investment of $8 and all of your sweaters, leggings, and tops with the little pilling balls of fuzz will look like new until you are sick of them - not because the fabric is worn out. 

Can’t wait to try it? Try an old-fashioned razor from the shower to get you hooked.

Lint roller

The lint roller is like the little brother to the fabric shaver. It is gentle on fabrics and should be your first step before shaving a fabric. Easily removes lint pieces, dog hair, and light pilling. For $3 at any check-out lane, it’s well worth the investment of this tape-roll covered handheld wand. Want to try it now? Wrap packaging or masking tape around your hand for a quick fix! Enjoy the satisfying feeling of throwing away the lint covered tape when it loses its stickiness!

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