AccessorEASE - How to Choose the Best Accessories

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Whether you want to add some bling to your look or refresh your closet without spending a week’s worth of wages, accessories are your best friend. They can change an outfit at the drop of a hat (all puns intended). Investing in accessories is the perfect way to express your personality, style and to help you get the most out of your closet.

No need to feel overwhelmed. When you know what to look for, all you need is a small collection of accessories to see you through any event little or small that life throws at you. Here are five things you should consider when shopping for accessories:

  1. Your Complexion and coloring

Jewelry is the basic go-to when it comes to accessories. The right set of jewels (real or faux) can elevate your outfit and take it from day to night. Throw some earrings in your handbag to put on after work. Ditch the studs and grab a dangle and add a pendant necklace to dress up a simple tee or sundress. When you’re choosing which jewelry to grab, your complexion is one thing you will want to consider – particularly your undertones. 

If you have a warm skin tone, you want to focus on gold tone jewelry and earth-tone gemstones. Our Waves of Gold’ earrings would be the perfect choice for our warm skin tone friends.

If you have a cool skin tone, look for silver jewelry with vibrant jewel tones, like magenta pink. Our ‘He is Risen’ horizontal cross necklace would be an everyday staple for your closet (and has just been restocked!)

  1. Facial Structure

Another accessory tip is to consider your facial structure, especially if you’re thinking of experimenting with hats. While almost anyone can wear a baseball cap or a beanie, you can make a statement with larger silhouettes. If you have a long face shape, a wider hat will flatter you! Our Floppy Wide Brim Bowknot Hat is one you’ll want to wear all of spring and summer. Not sure about a hat? Try a velvet headband!

  1. Functionality

You want to look for multi-functional options that you can use for both casual and more elevated outfits when selecting accessories. When you have an accessory that you can wear in more ways than one, you’ll find yourself keeping it at the front of your closet. If you’re on a budget or prefer to be minimalistic, these accessories will save you time and valuable closet space. 

Our Foldover Leopard Clutch can be used in different ways. Throw it into your work bag to hold your daily essentials and then take it with you on the go for a meal out with friends. You can even turn it into a makeup bag while traveling or as a pouch for inside a diaper bag, tote, or college bag. 

Our Turquoise Tear Drop Long Necklace is available in silver and gold (one for all skin tones) and is easy to use to transform a graphic tee and jeans with sneakers, into a night on the town by adding the necklace, knotting your tee at the hip, and ditching the sneakers for a comfortable heel.

  1. Versatility

Just like functionality, you want to think about versatility. When you’re shopping for accessories it’s important to choose pieces you LOVE, but you want to have two or three outfits in mind that you can style it with. An accessory you LOVE won’t help your wardrobe if you don’t have anything to wear it with. Accessories are timeless and seasonless, meaning you can wear them with any outfit. Our Wild About Leopard’ scarf is one you can wear with jeans and a t-shirt or throw over a little black dress as a shawl. A simple scarf can take you from a day at the office to a night at the brewery with friends while you always look dressed for the occasion. It’s all about how you choose to style your versatile accessories.

  1. Your Closet

You want your accessories to integrate seamlessly into your closet. While it’s always good to give yourself a new look, you want your accessories to compliment the main aesthetic of your closet. Take a look inside and see what you’re missing. Are there any gaps in your closet? Do you have more bags than shoes? Could you do with an extra pair of sandals to replace the pair that you’ve walked into the ground? You want your new accessory to work with your closet and fill in the ‘missing pieces’ so getting dressed is a breeze!

With these 5 tips it should be easy for you to curate a closet of accessories that will work for you and with what you have to become your go-to pieces. Ready to hit ‘add to cart’? You can check out the Hometown Haven Boutique accessories section to find your new purchase!

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